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I take it back like Spinal Tap…

Hey hombres,

I haven’t blogged on this site for a long arse time.  I make no excuses nor apologies – I’m just really sorry it’s because I’ve been blogging on my artist page at:

I don’t know why I’ve decided to resurrect this blog for the moment, but why the hell not, really?

A good friend of mine won a remix competition today.  His name is Renz and he can be found here.  The competition was for a relatively well-known rapper in Australia called Seven.  And, even tho the global audience probably has no idea who I’m talking about, Renz was up against some very stiff competition including Rob Shaker, C1 and Megatroid.  But he won and more power to him I reckon.

Here’s the remix:

Anyways, have a listen to the song and drop him a line at – he’s a charming chap and he has beats for days, weeks, months, years…


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Not my workspace but oddly quite similar.

Hey folks,

Here’s a little remix I worked up for Organic Affiliates.  They posted an acapella on their Soundcloud account yesterday.  Coincidentally, I was looking for reasons to avoid working on the niggling details of my album so I wasted my time slapping together a beat for this track.

The second verse (which was actually the first verse) was kinda loose so I tried to mess with the arrangement to make it fit rather than drag everything on time (that’s a touchy decision for a lot of emcees since you’re twisting up their flow).  If the remix was anything more than a mess around I would have got the second emcee to spit their verse again.


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Remix! Mei Swan – Love Guts (FG Remix)

Hi folks,

Here’s a little remix I did for Mei Swan.  You can check her stuff out here.



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Remix! Arms In Motion feat. Wisdom2th (FG remix)

I did the remix on this beautiful creature.

Hey folks,

Here’s a little remix I did just for fun.

Hope you enjoy it.



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