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Best Album of 2012! ……that was released by me

Did I tell you about that time I released an album for ‘pay what you want’ download?  No?  Well, I’m about to tell you now!

Firstly, download it here:

It’s 13 tracks (at least…….) long and has some great guest appearances from Empty, G-box, Wisdom2th, Hallows and DJ Silence (and maybe even ASAP……..).

I finished this one in November last year and only just then realised that I never told you folks about it (mostly because I’m doing all my blogging at now).  Anyway, download it and enjoy!

Let me know what you think.


P.S You can also buy a hardcopy on CD if you want.

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Using the MPC2000XL for live shows.


Long time no blog.  I’m usually blogging at these days.  However, I thought I’d drop a technical blog here because the other blog is just for my musical endeavours.

I’ve been doing a bunch of shows lately.  Emcee sets and beat sets, mostly.  Regardless of the type of set I’ve been keeping my MPC2000XL central to the show – playing beats off it for raps and doing live beat stuff on it when I run out of breath.  Over the course of these shows I’ve encountered plenty of “technical difficulties” and found some solutions so I thought I’d drop a line for anyone who’s looking at doing a similar thing.

Here’s a list of 5 things you should do to ensure that your sets run off the MPC flawlessly:

1.  When preparing a song, sequence or program to play live make sure you don’t gain any of the samples.  If something is too quiet, mix everything else lower rather than raise the level of that sound.  It can be very tempting to go into the TRIM –> PARAMS window for a sample and crank the level to 200.  You will be very tempted to do this for kicks and snares in particular – but avoid the temptation.  Similarly, don’t turn the VEL% on your sequence tracks up above 100, either.  Here’s why…

The Digital to Analogue Convertors (DAC), I think, run before the volume gain stage on the outputs.  This means that any internally gained sounds have the potential to be sent from the MPC to the front of house mixer at greater than 0dB.  This is part of the reason that MPC’s have an “analogue” sound to the audio they output.  However, the result can be a catastrophic clampdown by the front of house compressor (if they have one, which 99% of the time the venue does) or, even worse, over driven and distorted sounds and, even even even worse, you could blow out the venues front of house speakers and end the show entirely.

Front of house compressors are much like mastering compressors in how they’re set up.  They have a relatively slow attack time and a very long release.  Anything that goes into them too hot will cut through for a moment (which sounds like a big POP) and then the level will drop enormously before slowly creeping back to normal (at which point the hot kick or snare usually hits again and the process is repeated).  This not only sounds terrible but makes it damn near impossible to stay on point with any pattern that you’re playing live.

If you never gain sounds in the MPC, then you should never send a signal hot enough to make the compressor shit itself and you should never have any problems.

2.  If you’re not playing a program on the fly (a la Exile or ARAAB) then make sure you name your tracks and sequences.  You can even go so far as to arrange them in the SONG window and convert the whole song to one new, giant sequence.  That way, if you have an outro without any vocals, you can jump into the MUTE window and do a nice little ‘on the fly’ drum/sample drop sequence.

3. Convert as many samples as you can to mono.  This is usually absolutely fine for drums (kicks, snares, hats etc) and percussion.  You have to decide for yourself whether it’s worthwhile for samples.  It usually won’t hurt for bass (as many systems mono the bass anyway to avoid phasing issues in the venue).  The reason for doing this is purely to reduce the time it takes to load a new program and sequence.  If you have a Compact Flash drive or SCSI drive then the load time will be between 10 and 30 seconds for a song.  Needless to say, if you run off floppy disk still – then you’re in for a world of hurt waiting for the MPC to load so you’re better off just learning how to adlib really well between songs.

4. Fall in love with the 16 levels function and the SLIDER.  They are both limited.  You can’t turn 16 Levels on or off while a sequence is playing, for example, but with some deft skills you can stop a sequence in the final count of the loop, hit 16 levels, and then press PLAY START in time to catch the first beat of the next bar.  Make note of my qualification about DEFT SKILLS… you’ll need them.  This does allow you to, for instance, go from some on the fly arrangement into a synth solo on the MPC though so it’s worth experimenting.  The SLIDER can only be assigned to 1 pad at a time but you can get some gnarly effects from it.  Assign it to a synth/siney tone and you can go pitch shift crazy.  To make this seem flawless, set the sine tone as a short loop and make the END time for the amplitude envelope quite long.  The SLIDER can’t vary the pitch while a sample is playing but with a long release you can tap the sine pad repeatedly while moving the pitched and create a fairly seemless sounding sine pitch shift.

5. Learn to love the filter envelope (PROGRAM WINDOW, highlight cutoff or resonance and press OPEN WINDOW to access it).  This can turn a really simple looped sound into a damn good imitation of an old analogue synth.  For even more Moog-ish funk, link the pad to another pad with the same sound but pitched up or down 120 (1 octave).  You can then alter the filter envelope on the second pad in an entirely different way to the first pad and create very interesting sounds such as a bass not that falls hard, sharp and low at the start and then sweeps in with a squelchy higher frequency towards the end.  Very cool.  You could also link two patches of the same sound and pitch one down 1 or 2 and the other up 1 or 2 for a fat detuned bassline.  Just beware of phasing.  Either way, this can really cut down the need to bring a synth to your gigs.

And, that’s my top five recommendations for using the MPC2000XL live.  It’s nearly 13 years old and I’m yet to find a replacement machine that can compete (and trust me, I’ve tried Maschine, Ableton, the MPC1000 and many other units).




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Net-famous Triggy Bop.

Mr. Trials w/ Masta Ace...... that's just ACE!

Mr. Trials w/ Masta Ace...... that's just ACE!

Yesterday I blogged about beginning to plan for my new album.  Today I can update that (shit is moving too fast!).  My good friend, Mr. Trials of Funkoars fame, replied to my text with a big old “YAWWWWW” which is Drunkoar language for “Hell yes, I’ll make you a beat –  in fact, I’ll make you two!”.  That was mighty nice of him.

Also, my other good friend the mysterious and esoteric Ourobonic Plague has clearly become net-famous.  My stats (which are always dismal) indicated that a few people hit my site yesterday after searching for “Ourobonic Plague”.  I don’t know about you but I think that’s dope.

Anyway, catch some plague here:

And experience a few Trials here:

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Stupid shit I’ve read on YouTube

So, I ended up on YouTube watching the clip for ‘Run It‘ by Chris Brown.  Don’t ask me how.  I fucking hate that song.  So, being a masochistic sort, I decided to read the comments.  That’s where I discovered these noteworthy remarks from our current bastions of intellect.  Kill me now.

// Any comments in this format are transcriptions of what I thought as I read these comments //





this is NOT hiphop

this is garbage as well

if you want real hiphop: Eminem, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Ice Cube, The Game(as least some of his older stuff) are real examples of hiphop…

//You, my friend, are a douchebag//


@ChaoticChicken2 This isn’t even hip hop, it’s R&B. You’re argument is invalid.

//You tell him, robot invalidator from the future//



Actually, shady is right. This is “swag hop”, not that shit when they randomly say “swag!” and kids think it actually is. Older songs are better in every possible aspect.

//Say swag one more motherfucking time.  I dare ya.  I double dare ya!//


PowerLoveRap 1 day ago 2 pixel-vfl3z5WfW.gif

Chris aint an A-hole cause he beat up one girl. Aight, who the fuck cares? It was a minute ago, this nigga has it in his past so quit making up dumb jokes bout it ya heard?

//Yeah, come on guys.  He only beat up ONE girl.  It’s not like he just goes around beating up girls.  It was only ONE girl and, you know, correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t we all done that?!  Also… PowerLoveRap?//


CubanCODmaster1995 1 day ago 2

2000’s music rocks! miss these times.. real music

//Seriously?  Have you actually listened to the “music” in this “song”? It’s 4 minutes of tinny drums and a bad synth preset going din din din…//


SBproduction28 2 days ago

See? Now you can actually “sing” with him. Not like today where everything is ” Ohh yeaaa weed hfgbdugbdfg drugs rgkfgjfdg sexxxx sexx gdfkghgjfhgdj sex weed” and you can’t understand half of it. >.>

//Wow.  Lets go back to when music wasn’t about sex and drugs. The YouTube revisionist historian says that occurred in the early 2000s.//


BlackieAnnWarren 3 days ago

im listening in 2012 yeahhhhhhh good music never gets old

//yeaaaahhhh its lasted 11 years its the musical equivalent of the great pyramid of giza wooo (grammatical errors added liberally for effect)//


GriNgaB96 3 days ago

look here you hater of CB i sugiest you like him or i will hunt you down these girls in the video are sooooooo BURING MY ASS HOT!!!!

//Why the fuck do people on YouTube hate full stops?  It forces you to add your own.  Does he mean “These girls in the video are sooooo burning my ass hot.” or “These girls in the video are sooooo burning my ass. HOT.”  Nevermind what images the obscure term BURING evokes //


Jazbrom15 4 days ago

As a person chris brown is a major asshole but as a artist he makes amazing music so i love his music but i hate him as a person

// As an artist he makes amazing music… //


RadioMan8745 4 days ago 36

o my children you dont know what your missing…the time of hip-hop is over and you miss that….

// Oh fuck off. //


Remind me never to read YouTube comments again.  It’s too painful.


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The Sound Of One Cloud Soul Clapping…

I’ve been putting in a bit of work getting a friend of mine on SoundCloud.  He’s travelling the universe right now (beginning with a modest journey to Manila and Hong Kong).  Anyway, there’s a pair of tunes up there and there will be a substantial number more going up when he gets back in a few weeks.

His name is Lenny Rudeberg and he has some amazing stuff.  These are just a couple of old tunes but I’d suggest following him so when we upload some newer stuff you’ll be prepared to have your mind blown.



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Crazy people on my album recording session.

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you… 10 points if your brain read that in Timbaland’s voice. But, yeah, I’ve been away from the blog for a while.  I had a good reason (or more than one, actually).

I’ve been trying to pull together a bunch of loose ends for my album.  As of yesterday, the final guest vocal had been recorded and the first four tracks had entered the mixing stage.  I have a few minor adjustments to make for the remaining tracks to bring them up to mix readiness and then it’s on like Donkey Kong.  And Donkey Kong was one on arse monkey fucker.

In addition to getting the album together I’ve been constructing an interactive Flash animation for some promo materials.  That has slowly been doing my head in but it’s damn near ready now.  Which brings me to the topic of crazy people – no, really.  You see, if you’re anything like me then you won’t be able to resist reading the comments on various blog posts that you happen across.  Sometimes I skim the post and meticulously read the comments.  It’s a glaring fault in my character. However, you can’t really blame me when it’s possible to stumble across intellectual gems such as the comment below (I was looking for some random shit to do with ActionScript 2):

m polson Dec 10, 2009 at 7:05 pm

a university and or others thought they could use the flash cordinate and ora carttession cordinate systems and by using vowifi and bluetooth cell phones manipulate sound and to stream imiages with cell phones by actionscript and flash cordinate systems by pointing a cell phone at ur headf will u sleep and using angles and xyz from base puter could stream imiages back to cell phone and stream it at ur head is it possable hell yes it is and by accessing directorys and altering the sound onfourier transform actionscripts and using symmetrics of cell phones could stream dangerous radio waves to streaming the same way

I’m betting that the “m” in this dude’s name stands for “mind”.  Or maybe “machine” because I think this was generated by a bot.  But that just makes it even more stupid.

Seriously though, these sorts of barely literate, paranoid and borderline psychotic ramblings are EVERYWHERE on the internet.  People are seriously fucked in the head.

On a side note, here’s a flick from a recent show in Perth. Image

Odette Mercy belts it out @ The Bakery.  This girl can sing soooo nice.




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Turning Samples into Instruments

Hey folks,

I just put together a quick video for some of the folks at and I thought I’d link it up here, too.  It’s just a simple technique that you can use on your sampler to turn tiny parts of samples into instruments.



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