Net-famous Triggy Bop.

Mr. Trials w/ Masta Ace...... that's just ACE!

Mr. Trials w/ Masta Ace...... that's just ACE!

Yesterday I blogged about beginning to plan for my new album.  Today I can update that (shit is moving too fast!).  My good friend, Mr. Trials of Funkoars fame, replied to my text with a big old “YAWWWWW” which is Drunkoar language for “Hell yes, I’ll make you a beat –  in fact, I’ll make you two!”.  That was mighty nice of him.

Also, my other good friend the mysterious and esoteric Ourobonic Plague has clearly become net-famous.  My stats (which are always dismal) indicated that a few people hit my site yesterday after searching for “Ourobonic Plague”.  I don’t know about you but I think that’s dope.

Anyway, catch some plague here:

And experience a few Trials here:

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New album in the works…

I know, I know.  It’s premature to be blogging about my new album when my current album is still only in the mixing stage but don’t go raining on my parade.

I’ve decided for this next album (let’s call it Super Awesome Untitled Project of Death) that I’m not going to make any beats for it.  I’m making too many beats for other people to waste them on myself.  Also, I got into making hip hop music because I liked to rap.  These days I seem to be concentrating on everything except writing lyrics.  And that’s not cool.  So I decided to hit up a bunch of the talented folks that I have worked with in the past (and still work with in many cases) for a bit of beatage.  So far the response has been good.

This album will be altogether darker and more underground than the current album.  I had a vision for my current album that it would stay away from the dark and morbid style which I find most natural and look to achieve something a bit more organic and warm.  I think, for the most part, I’ve achieved that.  For the next album I would really like to say “Fuck you! This is me.”.  That should come a bit more easily.

My wishlist?

I’d like to get a beat from Mr. Trials. I produced two tunes for the Funkoars first LP (Who’s Your Step Daddy?) and I’ve known Trials forever so that should be doable.

I’ve got my eyes on this one tune by Archi.  If he’ll let me degrade it with vocals it should be a sweet cut.

Undoubtedly, I’ll harrass and Lenny Rudeberg for beats.  I love their shit.  Also they’re mates so it should be something I can make happen.

Dazastah.   I want a beat from him.  I’ve known Daz and Layla for a good long while but we’ve fallen out of touch in recent years.  Still, I’ve always loved Daz’s work.  If I could get Layzle Dayzle for a guest spot, too, that would be sweeeeeeet.

Ourobonic Plague makes dope shit.  I’ve known him for a long time, too.  In fact, we had a jam about a week ago which was good times.  I’m not sure how that would work since Ourobonic Plague makes noise/drone music, basically.  However, it’s my album so fuck you all.  I’ll make whatever the fuck I want.

Boost Hero Man makes dope beats.  His shit is all staggered and swingy.  If I can pressure him into making something dark and sinister I think it would be the balls.

Also, there’s this cat in Brisvegas that makes nice beats.  His name is Renz.  Again, I’ll see if I can prod him into darker territory and we’ll get something going.

The last, and least likely, would be a beat from Prowla.  I used to run into Prowla all the time when I was living in Melbourne.  I hung out with him a bunch of times and that shit meant a lot to me.  It probably didn’t mean squat to him, though, and I wonder if he remembers me at all.  If he does, it could happen.  If not, then I don’t like my chances.  Either way, he has always been one of the dopest producers in Australia and I’d love to get a joint from him.

Other than that, I’m open to offers.

I have a good feeling about this joint.

I know so many dope emcees but I really want to keep guest vocals to a minimum.  That will be hard.  I’ll definitely get something from ASAP, Fatty Phew and Trials if they’re willing.  I’d love to do more tracks with The Empty Cup (his verse kills it on my current album).  Also, I’d love to work with Mathas on something.  However, there is also Stats, Syde FX, Wisdom2th, G-box, Muphin, Headlock (and the list goes on) that I’d love to work with.  I’m only looking at 10 tracks.  I don’t want more than 4 tracks with guest emcees.  That will be hard.  Did I already say that?

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.



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Stupid shit I’ve read on YouTube

So, I ended up on YouTube watching the clip for ‘Run It‘ by Chris Brown.  Don’t ask me how.  I fucking hate that song.  So, being a masochistic sort, I decided to read the comments.  That’s where I discovered these noteworthy remarks from our current bastions of intellect.  Kill me now.

// Any comments in this format are transcriptions of what I thought as I read these comments //





this is NOT hiphop

this is garbage as well

if you want real hiphop: Eminem, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Ice Cube, The Game(as least some of his older stuff) are real examples of hiphop…

//You, my friend, are a douchebag//


@ChaoticChicken2 This isn’t even hip hop, it’s R&B. You’re argument is invalid.

//You tell him, robot invalidator from the future//



Actually, shady is right. This is “swag hop”, not that shit when they randomly say “swag!” and kids think it actually is. Older songs are better in every possible aspect.

//Say swag one more motherfucking time.  I dare ya.  I double dare ya!//


PowerLoveRap 1 day ago 2 pixel-vfl3z5WfW.gif

Chris aint an A-hole cause he beat up one girl. Aight, who the fuck cares? It was a minute ago, this nigga has it in his past so quit making up dumb jokes bout it ya heard?

//Yeah, come on guys.  He only beat up ONE girl.  It’s not like he just goes around beating up girls.  It was only ONE girl and, you know, correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t we all done that?!  Also… PowerLoveRap?//


CubanCODmaster1995 1 day ago 2

2000’s music rocks! miss these times.. real music

//Seriously?  Have you actually listened to the “music” in this “song”? It’s 4 minutes of tinny drums and a bad synth preset going din din din…//


SBproduction28 2 days ago

See? Now you can actually “sing” with him. Not like today where everything is ” Ohh yeaaa weed hfgbdugbdfg drugs rgkfgjfdg sexxxx sexx gdfkghgjfhgdj sex weed” and you can’t understand half of it. >.>

//Wow.  Lets go back to when music wasn’t about sex and drugs. The YouTube revisionist historian says that occurred in the early 2000s.//


BlackieAnnWarren 3 days ago

im listening in 2012 yeahhhhhhh good music never gets old

//yeaaaahhhh its lasted 11 years its the musical equivalent of the great pyramid of giza wooo (grammatical errors added liberally for effect)//


GriNgaB96 3 days ago

look here you hater of CB i sugiest you like him or i will hunt you down these girls in the video are sooooooo BURING MY ASS HOT!!!!

//Why the fuck do people on YouTube hate full stops?  It forces you to add your own.  Does he mean “These girls in the video are sooooo burning my ass hot.” or “These girls in the video are sooooo burning my ass. HOT.”  Nevermind what images the obscure term BURING evokes //


Jazbrom15 4 days ago

As a person chris brown is a major asshole but as a artist he makes amazing music so i love his music but i hate him as a person

// As an artist he makes amazing music… //


RadioMan8745 4 days ago 36

o my children you dont know what your missing…the time of hip-hop is over and you miss that….

// Oh fuck off. //


Remind me never to read YouTube comments again.  It’s too painful.


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The Worst (and Best) Friday the 13th Films…

English: Hockey mask, Jason Voorhees Česky: Ho...



Unsurprising confession #1: I like horror.

Unsurprising confession #2: I particularly like bad horror.

Consequential unsurprising revelation:  So, given these stated facts, it should come as no surprise that I have recently given over a good amount of my time to watch (actually, re-watch) the entire Friday the 13th film series in order of release date.  Below is a list (from worst to best) of what is perhaps the greatest horror series of all time.  That last claim may or may not be hyperbole.

Before all the listy stuff, though, let me reminisce and ruminate for a moment.

I first watched all of the Friday the 13th films (that existed at the time) when I was about fourteen and the local TV network played one at 11:45pm each Friday for the requisite number of weeks.  For some reason, Jason captured my imagination.  Clearly, I’m not the only person that has fallen under his spell (even really cheap films don’t get 12 sequels).  Many times since those days, I’ve mulled over what it is about Jason that makes him so appealing to watch – especially since he is a brutal, sadistic prick.  No answer has ever satisfied me though I’m sure that there is something (horribly) human about him.  He is a kind of id.  More over, he is an id that has been suppressed (by his mother and society no less!).  Jason is doomed to wander the woods of Camp Crystal Lake in isolation and watch what he knows he should not – drugs and sex – and then to kill those who engage because he can not kill himself – just like our own brutish ids.  Oh, if there is a cohesive context in which to understand Jason, then it’s as deep as Crystal Lake itself.

Anyway, on to the list!

Cover of "Jason Goes to Hell"

Cover of Jason Goes to Hell


No respect for the canon! I actually said that about four times (out loud even though it was four AM and I was alone… oh, so sad) while watching this shambles of a film.  The synopsis?  Jason’s heart becomes some sort of spirit thing that can possess other people.  Dumb.  Plus the whole Freddy Kruger thing at the end.  Dumb.

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Jason Takes Manhattan


In Jason Goes to Hell, he doesn’t actually get to hell until the end.  Similarly, in this one, when Jason hitches a boat-ride to NY it takes the whole movie for him to get there.  Additionally, all the characters are annoying except the “punk” chick with the guitar – and she dies about 15 minutes in.

Cover of "Friday the 13th, Part VII - The...

The New Blood


This should have been called “Jason vs. The Psychic”.  Dumb.

Cover of "Jason X (New Line Platinum Seri...

Cover of Jason X (New Line Platinum Series)


Okay, I ranked this very low because it all honesty it is terrible.  However, I also enjoyed this one more than some of the more highly ranked films.  It could so easily have been Leprechaun 4, after all, it is Jason in space but somehow it manage to find a passable balance of cheese, stupidity and genre.  Also, it has two of the actors from Gene Rodenberry’s Andromeda.  I’m not sure whether that adds or detracts.

Friday the 13th (2009 film)

The reboot.

8. FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009 Remake)

This “reboot” (a.k.a lazy attempt to cash in) is stylistically decent but misses the point of Jason entirely.  Plus, Jason doesn’t hold people hostage – he just kills them.  That’s what makes him so charming.

Cover of "Friday the 13th, Part 2 (Deluxe...

Part II


To the uninitiated it may come as some surprise that this is the first Friday the 13th film in which Jason is the killer.  He makes a split second appearance in the first film but is not the culprit.  The ongoing Hitchcock Psycho themes are good (esp. the shower part at the start – that’s really well done).  Also, the music is so fucking good.

Cover of "Freddy vs. Jason (New Line Plat...

I'm barracking for the one on the right.


I like to think of this as the Alien vs Predator of the slasher film world.  It gets a high ranking because it is actually pretty well written and relatively well acted (though Kane Hodder is not Jason which is sad).  The tone of the film is pitched perfectly which is absolutely crucial – gore, fun, stupidity.  A little too much Freddy for my liking, though.  It does have one of the best lines in a Jason film ever – after Jason’s wholesale slaughter at a teenage rave, some stoner says “Dude, that goalie was pissed about something.”  I laughed.

Cover of "Friday the 13th"

The silhouette is misleading.


Yeah, I don’t need to put the original in top position just to achieve a sense of esoteric superiority.  I always have that sense (…of others).  As mentioned earlier, Jason is in this one for about 2 seconds in total.  However, you need to watch this in context.  Jason wasn’t then what he became later i.e he was a character in this film as opposed to a cultural “icon” (which happened after Part III).  Overall, this film is well shot and constitutes a solid schlock slasher although, admittedly, it probably wasn’t schlock at the time.  Anyway, it’s always nice to see Kevin Bacon get stabbed through the throat.

Friday the 13th Part III

The third.


This is the film in which Jason gets his mask and the rest, as I’m sure they say somewhere, is history.  I particularly love the  bad-ass multiracial 80’s gang of three bikies.   Also, there is a super hot chick in this one but I don’t think Jason should have spear-gunned her in the eye.  Not because it’s wrong but because Jason doesn’t understand mechanical things.  Canon, people!

Cover of "Friday the 13th: The Final Chap...

Really? The FINAL Chapter? The rest must be epilogues.


Oh yeah, Corey Feldman loses his shit in this one.

Cover of "Friday the 13th, Part V - A New...

But I thought you said the last one was the final chapter?!


Very interesting.  Veerrrryyyy interesting.  10 points if you read that in a Viennese psychiatrist accent.  Jason steps into the anti-hero role to the fullest extent of the series in this one.  Also, it has the worst character tagging in film history.  Ah, it makes me laugh.

Cover of "Friday the 13th, Part VI - Jaso...

A more accurate title would be "Jason Kind of Lives".


Jason brought to life by a lightning strike. Love it! This is the Return of the Jedi of the core Jason trilogy (Parts IV, V and VI).  Most people think Jason V (Empire Strikes Back) is the best one, but I like Part VI (just like with Star Wars).

Mildly Interesting Trivia:  From 1987 to 1990, a TV series called “Friday the 13th: The Series” ran for three seasons.  Jason never made an appearance and there was no reasonable connection between the films and the series (although the guy who produced films 2 through 8 did produce the series).


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The Sound Of One Cloud Soul Clapping…

I’ve been putting in a bit of work getting a friend of mine on SoundCloud.  He’s travelling the universe right now (beginning with a modest journey to Manila and Hong Kong).  Anyway, there’s a pair of tunes up there and there will be a substantial number more going up when he gets back in a few weeks.

His name is Lenny Rudeberg and he has some amazing stuff.  These are just a couple of old tunes but I’d suggest following him so when we upload some newer stuff you’ll be prepared to have your mind blown.



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Things that suck arse… #1


Stop it people.

It sucks arse.



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I’ll live while I’m alive and feel like undead…

I'll live while I'm alive and feel like undead...

I didn’t sleep last night. It was a bad decision.

Actually, my sleeping habits have slowly been creeping towards this day over the last month or so. I’ve been too busy working on album related stuff. Getting up and working on promo materials for hours on end before heading off to record and do preliminary mixing at a mate’s studio until, literally, midnight then coming home and trying to unwind. What began as getting to sleep by 2am has rapidly become getting to sleep by 5am. And, now, not getting to sleep at all.

Anyway, I’m off to see the wizard the wond… no, wait. I mean, I’m off to see the cats from The Community and a bunch of other artists do their thing tonight at The Bakery. The show is called Cut and Paste Collaborations – Cut and Paste being a local promoter/music collective or some such. The concept is you throw a couple of artists together and then they make something and perform it. I’ll be taking snaps and drinking overpriced beer.

That is, provided I can get some sleep in the next 4 hours.

Time for a nap.



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