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Best Album of 2012! ……that was released by me

Did I tell you about that time I released an album for ‘pay what you want’ download?  No?  Well, I’m about to tell you now!

Firstly, download it here:

It’s 13 tracks (at least…….) long and has some great guest appearances from Empty, G-box, Wisdom2th, Hallows and DJ Silence (and maybe even ASAP……..).

I finished this one in November last year and only just then realised that I never told you folks about it (mostly because I’m doing all my blogging at now).  Anyway, download it and enjoy!

Let me know what you think.


P.S You can also buy a hardcopy on CD if you want.

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Crazy people on my album recording session.

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you… 10 points if your brain read that in Timbaland’s voice. But, yeah, I’ve been away from the blog for a while.  I had a good reason (or more than one, actually).

I’ve been trying to pull together a bunch of loose ends for my album.  As of yesterday, the final guest vocal had been recorded and the first four tracks had entered the mixing stage.  I have a few minor adjustments to make for the remaining tracks to bring them up to mix readiness and then it’s on like Donkey Kong.  And Donkey Kong was one on arse monkey fucker.

In addition to getting the album together I’ve been constructing an interactive Flash animation for some promo materials.  That has slowly been doing my head in but it’s damn near ready now.  Which brings me to the topic of crazy people – no, really.  You see, if you’re anything like me then you won’t be able to resist reading the comments on various blog posts that you happen across.  Sometimes I skim the post and meticulously read the comments.  It’s a glaring fault in my character. However, you can’t really blame me when it’s possible to stumble across intellectual gems such as the comment below (I was looking for some random shit to do with ActionScript 2):

m polson Dec 10, 2009 at 7:05 pm

a university and or others thought they could use the flash cordinate and ora carttession cordinate systems and by using vowifi and bluetooth cell phones manipulate sound and to stream imiages with cell phones by actionscript and flash cordinate systems by pointing a cell phone at ur headf will u sleep and using angles and xyz from base puter could stream imiages back to cell phone and stream it at ur head is it possable hell yes it is and by accessing directorys and altering the sound onfourier transform actionscripts and using symmetrics of cell phones could stream dangerous radio waves to streaming the same way

I’m betting that the “m” in this dude’s name stands for “mind”.  Or maybe “machine” because I think this was generated by a bot.  But that just makes it even more stupid.

Seriously though, these sorts of barely literate, paranoid and borderline psychotic ramblings are EVERYWHERE on the internet.  People are seriously fucked in the head.

On a side note, here’s a flick from a recent show in Perth. Image

Odette Mercy belts it out @ The Bakery.  This girl can sing soooo nice.




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News Flash! Doing Hip Hop Reminds You Why You’re Doing Hip Hop.

Breakdance oldschool

Nice shades.

Hi folks,

There’s a track on my upcoming album called “Whatever Happened” in which I tell a story of my experience of hip hop and how it has changed over time.  As you can expect from the title, I generally propose that things have changed but not necessarily for the better.  My adventures last night got me thinking about the track and whether or not it’s me that has changed rather than hip hop.

The story goes like this…

At about 2pm I got a call from The Empty Cup (who, incidentally, dropped a killer verse for one of the other songs on my album).  It was a brief convo in which he informed me that he was having a gathering at his place and folks were going to be having a bit of a cypher.  Naturally, I was like “Hell yeah.”

So, I rock up at his place to find a bunch of folks who, as it turned out, were into the punk scene sitting around strumming guitars and having a laugh.  That’s pretty old school.  The hip hop and punk scenes were pretty close-knit back in the day but have since drifted apart.  After an hour or so a bunch of other folks started drifting in and the cypher kicked off in Brian’s (that’s The Empty Cup) back room studio.

And it was really cool.

The folks that were rhyming were a mixture of well known and less well known cats from the local scene (Diger Rokwell, Mathas, Coin from the Stoops, Lewis Galaga to name just a few).  Yet despite the substantial respect these guys have earned over years of putting in hard work, there was no trace of ego.  Less experienced emcees and folks who just wanted to have a shot were given just as much time, respect and props as any of the more established rhymers.  The vibe was upbeat and far from serious with all jokes being made in a positive fashion and no one was out to break anyone else down or show up anyone else.

Sometimes you get so caught up in “making music” that you lose sight of the fact that hip hop is something you do, not something you make.  Given that my album is entitled “Making Space” and focusses on metaphorically clearing out the bullshit in my life as well as metaphorically developing an area of my own, the whole tone of the night gave me a brand new perspective on the music that I’m trying to bring to life.

Throwing out ideas in a cypher is something I used to do a lot but over the last few years I guess I’ve drifted away from it (my limited freestyle skills last night are probably a reflection of that fact).  I can blame moving from Victoria to Western Australia, falling out of the scene, mixing myself up in bad relationships, focussing on recording or many other reasons but the truth is – I just lost touch with the reality: Hip Hop is something you have to be actively involved in.

This was not a show.  It was not a studio session.  It was a bunch of mates just bouncing ideas off each other and having a good time.  But perhaps the best indication that it was a good night is the fact that I came home with myriad ideas zooming around my skull and I woke up this morning with more inspiration to put myself into a song than I have in a long time.


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Don’t you love it when a lack of plan comes together?

Breaking in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Hip Hop

Hey folks,

Last Sunday night, I had the pleasure of heading down to The Moon on William St (Perth, Australia) to catch a show that I didn’t even know was on.  The story goes something like this:  Wisdom2th and myself went to The Bird (also on William St) to have a couple of beers and check out the launch of a new music clip by The Stoops (a.k.a Stoop Fresh).  The clip is below:

Well done on the clip.  It’s always good when people put themselves out there and push themselves.

Anyway, after that, Wisdom2th had to drop something off to a mate at The Moon so we wandered the two blocks down to the venue.

When we rocked up we found a bunch of the top local hip hoppers pushing a show they were calling Collab.  I’d heard something about it but it never really registered in my “brainium” (to quote Pharcyde).  Anyway, the premise is something like this: an awesome four piece jazz/funk group (bass, sax, drums, keys) improvises some music while a bunch of emcees improvise some rhymes.  People get dragged out of the crowd or invite themselves on stage.  Muso’s replace other muso’s in the band.  Everyone has a good time.

And, unusually, it all worked as intended.

ASAP and The Empty Cup (who is on my up and coming album – we’re recording tomorrow) played the role of hosts.  They dropped a bunch of freestyles which were absolutely crazy.  But the guests were many and varied with Mathas (who is always super-entertaining) providing plenty of great off-the-head moments.  Wisdom2th jumped up.  Coin (from The Stoops) and Mei Swan did a collab which went into some completely uncharted territory (something about a chastity belt…).  Hallows (also on my album, also recording tomorrow) and ASAP killed it with the singing/freestyle combo.  And there were a heap of others which lead to a chilled but never dull and at times extremely funny vibe.

Now, having been around the hip hop scene in Perth and, particularly, Melbourne for a while, I’ve seen plenty of cyphers in and out of clubs that were absolute gold.  The thing that set this night apart is the fact that many of the people eating their meals at The Moon were not hip hop heads and yet none of them got up to leave, all of them laughed and clapped vigourously at appropriate times, and all of them seemed to really appreciate the talent that was on show.  That, sadly, is a rarity.

Maybe the positive response to the night is a reflection of the growth in awareness that people have of hip hop culture.  Maybe it’s a reflection of the growing professionalism and accessibility of the scene.  Maybe it was something in the beer (I suspect alcohol, though that has been known to generate the opposite response).  I really don’t know.

Either way, if you’re in Perth on the second Sunday of any month then I strongly recommend that you head down to The Moon and check out Collab.  Every show will be unique and, whilst I can’t guarantee that you’ll enjoy it, I can say that the 100+ people that came and went last Sunday all did so with a big smile.


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Do you like music?

Just let me know. I have my suspicions.



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State of the Human

What’s up people?

Just a bit of an update really…

I went down to The Bird ( last night to check out a show by some guys from The Community.  The line up was Soma, Arms in Motion, Cartoon Hell (Nick Sweepah and Ylem), Zeke and The Empty Cup.  All in all it was a good night with some nice hip hop and a good vibe.  The Bird is definitely the best small venue in Perth (which doesn’t say much, really, but trust me – it would be a kick ass venue in other cities too!).  For those that aren’t aware, The Community is a collective of artists and musicians in Perth – you can check out their site here –>

I’ve got a lot of time for The Community.  I like their ethic and their approach, plus they support artists who make the sort of hip hop music that I like.

On that note, I caught up with Nick Sweepah before and after his set.  I used to know him years ago when we both lived in Melbourne and we’ve worked together in the past.  He’s a cool guy.  Anyway, we decided to do a track together for the album (Making Space).  I’m pretty excited about that.  So excited in fact that I went rummaging through some old records and pieced together a beat for the track today.  It’s a bit more left-field than the other tracks on the album but should fit in tonally.  I’m about to send it through to him now, so hopefully he’s feeling it.

As for the show, all the sets were cool but if you get the chance you should definitely check out The Empty Cup when he’s got his live band backing him – it’s very good.  Three violins and a viola, a drummer and a bassist – plus he likes to have a bit of a freestyle on stage, too, which makes for an interesting show.  Well worth any entry fee that you pay.


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Welcome, folks…

What’s happening, people?

Just a quick introduction for those that found their way here.  My name is FG, I’m a hip hop producer based in Perth, Australia, but originally from Melbourne.  I’ve been working on an album over the last year or so called “Making Space”.  It will drop soon, so this is just a bit of an attempt to get in touch with folks who might listen to it.  Hopefully they’ll also enjoy it.  Who knows?

I have produced the album myself using a combination of the following (in varying degrees): an MPC2000xl, which is a beast of a sampler; Logic 9 on an iMac, which is a bit of a (positive) shift away from the PC that I used to use; a microKorg, which has tiny keys but produces big synth sounds (or little ones, if you want); a Rocktron Banshee talkbox, for the occasional Roger Troutman-inspired session; a Stylophone, because who doesn’t like a musical toy? And… well, that’s probably it…  Random bits of bass guitar and found sounds and odd-glitchy things pop up here and there, too.

The album will feature three tracks from other producers, too.  Lenny Rudeberg and I are co-producing the beat for Jobs and Coffee.  The guy is a crazy producer, plus he’s playing the part of tracking engineer for the vocals on the album which is cool because that takes some time.  Gbox has also hit me up with the beat for a track called Dig.  And, lastly but not… err… leastly? put together a beat for a track called Holiday – or at least, that’s the name it has at the moment.  I’m still dwelling on the lyrics for Holiday – once I’ve settled on what I want to write about, then I’ll give it a name.

I’ve had some good luck so far in getting some excellent guest vocals and bits and pieces from talented emcees and musicians, too.  Wisdom2th, Gbox, Empty Cup and Annalise have all dropped, or will soon be dropping, verses.  Some one is going to sing on it too… not sure who yet.  Lenny Rudeberg has killed it on the saxaphone parts that we’ve recorded so far.  How can you go wrong?

Anyway, stay tuned and I’ll keep you in the loop.



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