Artist: FG
Album Name: Making Space
Length: LP (16 songs)
Release Date: November/December 2011.


Making Space is an exploration of numerous themes such as dysfunctional relationships, the highs and lows of the hip hop scene, the degrading experience of nine to five work and the list goes on. Whilst firmly located in the genre of hip hop, Making Space strives to reignite hip hop’s roots in soul music.

Although the bulk of Making Space is a product of the sweat and blood of FG (who handles most of the production and emceeing), the album also features some exciting guest appearances from the likes of The Empty Cup, Hallows, Wisdom2th and G-box on vocals as well as the production talents of Lenny Rudeberg, and G-box.  You never know who else might pop in for a guest spot.

This is not your average hip hop album.

Artist: Funkoars
Album Name: Who’s Your Step Daddy?
Length: LP
Release Date: 2003.


FG contributed a few beats to the debut from Australian hip hop luminaries, The Funkoars.  He produced Leg It and Bad Habits (which also featured the Hilltop Hoods in conjunction with the Funkoars).  It’s all pretty old now but why not take a trip down memory lane with this clip on YouTube.  He has a feeling that he produced a remix for the album, too, but (as with many albums he produced on) he never received a copy so he can’t check.  Despite the lack of comped copy, FG and Trials remain good friends.

Artist: Muphin
Album Name: More Than Music
Length: LP (18 tracks)
Release Date: 2003.


Before reaching stellar heights in his collaboration with Plutonic Lab (Muph and Plutonic), Muphin dropped a few albums as a solo artist and with his brother Draino as The Puah Hedz.  He collaborated with FG on two tracks for his full length album “More Than Music” .  FG produced Muphin’s track “Good Vibes” featuring Nick Sweepah and also produced and dropped a verse on the track “Feel Where You’re Coming From”.  Feel Where You’re Coming From also has the dubious honour of being the only recorded track featuring FG on the 1200’s.  Additionally, FG provided a remix for “Good Vibes” which was added as a bonus track for the album.

Artist: Draino
Album Name: Get The Picture
Length: LP (13 tracks)
Release Date: 2002.


FG produced the beat for Rookie City on Draino’s debut solo album, “Get The Picture”.

Artist: FG
Album Name: Funky Living Room
Length: EP (8 tracks)
Release Date: March, 2001.


FG’s first foray into a “proper” release has received critical acclaim in the years since its release. Whilst almost impossible to get your hands on these days (even FG doesn’t have a copy anymore) FG is still surprised at the number of people who approach him at shows to say “I used to love your album back in the day”.

Fully produced and recorded by FG in the back room of his old house, the album featured guest appearances by NewSense (from The Hospice), Crixus, Mr. Trials (from Funkoars) and DJ J-red. At the moment, the original master recordings are getting a re-visit with a mind to adding this classic album to his upcoming release “Making Space”.

Artists: Various
Album: Culture of Kings 2
Length: Super LP (a lot of songs)
Release Date: Sorry.. can’t remember. Like 2003?


Often lauded as the spark to ignite the new age of Australian Hip Hop, Culture of Kings 2 is undoubtedly one of the great releases of the scene. The brainchild of Kirk Wray of Pullingstrings, Culture of Kings 2 drew together the collective talents of emcees and producers, known and unknown from all across Australia. Featuring songs by The Hilltop Hoods, Funkoars, Downsyde and many others the album also included FG’s song “Journeymen” with guest cuts by World ITF DJ Champion, DJ J-red. The song has a special place in FG’s heart as it marks the last track that J-red and he collaborated on.

Artists: Various
Album: Culture of Kings
Length: LP
Release Date: 2000/2001?


One of the most important Australian hip hop albums ever released. Initially intended to shine a light on little known emcees and producers across the country, it’s interesting to look back and see how many of the people involved have since gone on to enjoy successful careers in music.

FG contributed to this album as the producer and an emcee for the group LTS (LosTown Sophysts) along with Agent 86 (now Aetcix) and DJ J-red. The track was called “Originality” and, to this day, FG still loves the use of the Kumquat Kids break on that tune.


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