Artist Bio

Melbourne-born, Perth-based hip hop artist FG has loitered around the scene since the late-1990s. He contributed to the genre-defining releases Culture of Kings and Culture of Kings 2, firstly as a member of the group LTS with Aetecix and (World Ecler and World ITF DJ champion) DJ J-Red and, on the second release, as a solo performer with a guest appearance by DJ J-Red. On both tracks he acted as producer, emcee and engineer. In 2001, FG released his debut album Funky Living Room to an overwhelmingly positive national response. Around the same time he also produced tracks for (the then up and coming group) Funkoars as well as Crixus, Terrafirma, Muphin (of Muph and Plutonic), Draino and many other local hip hop acts.

FG is currently working hard at finishing his sophomore release Making Space after a lengthy hiatus (sometimes you need to make money… unfortunately). He is also heavily involved in projects with fellow Perth-based contemporaries Wisdom2th and G-box – providing production and verses. Additionally, he is providing verses and production for projects by Hallows,, and onemike.

Some say that it takes a village to raise a child. FG readily acknowledges that, in music, it takes a community to make an album. Making Space is a clear reflection of this fact. The album features the many and varied talents of The Empty Cup, G-box, Hallows, Lenny Rudeberg, and Nick Sweepah. The resulting album is a dynamic, soulful exploration of everything from cosmogony to dysfunctional relationships and disaffection (topics with which FG feels he has far too much experience). FG has described the album as:

‘An honest attempt at honesty in hip hop. Everything in this album is a reflection of me as a person, my experiences, my perspectives and my hopes. However, I have consciously avoided being esoteric – you make music for yourself but the end product has to be something that other people can relate to and, hopefully, feel…’

FG cites De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock and Slug as major influences on his production and lyrics. Make no mistake though, FG has a style all of his own. It’s a style that has developed from years of carrying a notebook in his back pocket as he stands (for hours on end) in front of his trusty MPC2000XL making beats.

Due for release in late 2011, Making Space aims to push the boundaries of Australian hip hop. It is an ambitious aim but one which FG has the experience and drive to achieve.


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