Stupid shit I’ve read on YouTube

29 Feb

So, I ended up on YouTube watching the clip for ‘Run It‘ by Chris Brown.  Don’t ask me how.  I fucking hate that song.  So, being a masochistic sort, I decided to read the comments.  That’s where I discovered these noteworthy remarks from our current bastions of intellect.  Kill me now.

// Any comments in this format are transcriptions of what I thought as I read these comments //





this is NOT hiphop

this is garbage as well

if you want real hiphop: Eminem, Nas, Tupac, Biggie, Ice Cube, The Game(as least some of his older stuff) are real examples of hiphop…

//You, my friend, are a douchebag//


@ChaoticChicken2 This isn’t even hip hop, it’s R&B. You’re argument is invalid.

//You tell him, robot invalidator from the future//



Actually, shady is right. This is “swag hop”, not that shit when they randomly say “swag!” and kids think it actually is. Older songs are better in every possible aspect.

//Say swag one more motherfucking time.  I dare ya.  I double dare ya!//


PowerLoveRap 1 day ago 2 pixel-vfl3z5WfW.gif

Chris aint an A-hole cause he beat up one girl. Aight, who the fuck cares? It was a minute ago, this nigga has it in his past so quit making up dumb jokes bout it ya heard?

//Yeah, come on guys.  He only beat up ONE girl.  It’s not like he just goes around beating up girls.  It was only ONE girl and, you know, correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t we all done that?!  Also… PowerLoveRap?//


CubanCODmaster1995 1 day ago 2

2000’s music rocks! miss these times.. real music

//Seriously?  Have you actually listened to the “music” in this “song”? It’s 4 minutes of tinny drums and a bad synth preset going din din din…//


SBproduction28 2 days ago

See? Now you can actually “sing” with him. Not like today where everything is ” Ohh yeaaa weed hfgbdugbdfg drugs rgkfgjfdg sexxxx sexx gdfkghgjfhgdj sex weed” and you can’t understand half of it. >.>

//Wow.  Lets go back to when music wasn’t about sex and drugs. The YouTube revisionist historian says that occurred in the early 2000s.//


BlackieAnnWarren 3 days ago

im listening in 2012 yeahhhhhhh good music never gets old

//yeaaaahhhh its lasted 11 years its the musical equivalent of the great pyramid of giza wooo (grammatical errors added liberally for effect)//


GriNgaB96 3 days ago

look here you hater of CB i sugiest you like him or i will hunt you down these girls in the video are sooooooo BURING MY ASS HOT!!!!

//Why the fuck do people on YouTube hate full stops?  It forces you to add your own.  Does he mean “These girls in the video are sooooo burning my ass hot.” or “These girls in the video are sooooo burning my ass. HOT.”  Nevermind what images the obscure term BURING evokes //


Jazbrom15 4 days ago

As a person chris brown is a major asshole but as a artist he makes amazing music so i love his music but i hate him as a person

// As an artist he makes amazing music… //


RadioMan8745 4 days ago 36

o my children you dont know what your missing…the time of hip-hop is over and you miss that….

// Oh fuck off. //


Remind me never to read YouTube comments again.  It’s too painful.


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