I’ll live while I’m alive and feel like undead…

18 Feb

I'll live while I'm alive and feel like undead...

I didn’t sleep last night. It was a bad decision.

Actually, my sleeping habits have slowly been creeping towards this day over the last month or so. I’ve been too busy working on album related stuff. Getting up and working on promo materials for hours on end before heading off to record and do preliminary mixing at a mate’s studio until, literally, midnight then coming home and trying to unwind. What began as getting to sleep by 2am has rapidly become getting to sleep by 5am. And, now, not getting to sleep at all.

Anyway, I’m off to see the wizard the wond… no, wait. I mean, I’m off to see the cats from The Community and a bunch of other artists do their thing tonight at The Bakery. The show is called Cut and Paste Collaborations – Cut and Paste being a local promoter/music collective or some such. The concept is you throw a couple of artists together and then they make something and perform it. I’ll be taking snaps and drinking overpriced beer.

That is, provided I can get some sleep in the next 4 hours.

Time for a nap.



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