Scene Update!

22 Aug

Sunrise over Perth, Western Australia, taken f...

Perth - the hip hop is right next the third building from the left.


Hey folks,

Being a producer in a small city like Perth, I quite often get to see the background work that artists are putting in to various releases.  So, being the kindly gentleman that I am, I thought I’d give you a heads up on a couple of releases that are in the pipelines at the moment.

Wisdom2th and Gbox have been hard at work on their conceptual sci fi epic “Null/Void: Existence is futile” for probably a year or so now.  Based in a dystopian alternate reality this release is probably 80% done at the moment – at the very least it’s in the mixing stage.  It’s equal parts hip hop noir, speculative fiction, introspective funk and glitchy experimentation.  I’ve heard probably every track they’ve made for it so far and I have to say that this is one to keep an eye/ear out for.

Another project involving Wisdom2th is Marksman’s upcoming release.  I’m not sure what he’s going to call it but the tracks I’ve heard so far are quite cool.  He rocked a few of the finished tracks a couple of weeks back at The Bird to a healthy response.  Wisdom2th is handling the majority of production and the beats are sounding tight (as most of Lenny’s beats do).

Aside from that I know that The Empty Cup is working on something at the moment.  He seems to be calling it a mixtape but I’m hoping it evolves into a full LP because the dude is pretty damn talented.

I guess that means that The Community is doing the business at the moment.  It’s a beautiful thing.

On a side note, if you haven’t already checked it out you should definitely get your hands on two recent releases: “Sri Diger” by Diger Rokwell, the first in what promises to be a number of “beat tourism” albums from this legend of the Perth hip hop scene; and “Dust Moats” by Maxy Bills who describes his music as “future cosmic funky glooping intergalactic resonance” – which is pretty accurate really.  Both are well worth your time and money.

Here’s a taster for your enjoyment!




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