The Floaters “Float On”. Best. Song. Ever.

17 Jul

Hi folks,

I have a confession to make. I once killed a… wait. No. Not that confession. This one: I love soul music.

Meh.  Not so much of a confession as an obvious fact if you’ve ever read my blog (see how I assume that you haven’t – yeah, I look at my stats).

Anyway, I was digging for records the other day and I was a bit short on cash so I was basically buying all the cheapest stuff in the store.  Why buy two good records when you can buy 20 really terrible ones, right?  And, as a result of my false economy, I picked up a copy of the “classic” soul album Float On by The Floaters which features their “classic” single, Float On.

After getting home and giggling childishly for a while over their name (I don’t know about other countries but in Australia a floater is either a) a blowfly or b) an unflushed turd), I put the record on and had a listen.  Below is a video of what I heard:

As I said earlier, I love soul music.  The above is an example of R&B but it’s really at the point in time when no one was drawing such a hard distinction between the two genres.  Anyway, the point is, that song cracks me up for three reasons.

1) “I like a woman who’s quiet” – Really?  How’s misogyny treating you?


3) Unfortunately, the clip above doesn’t let you hear the one minute introduction which involves one of the guys saying “Cancer!” like he’s the angel of death.  Take my word for it, though.  It’s brilliant.

Ah, I love soul music.


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