Why does TV hate me?

26 Jun

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Hi folks,

So after my last post about the sci-fi series Outcasts I did a bit of looking around on the interwebs and discovered that the BBC has axed the show.  As per usual, it was a short British season (only 8 episodes) and, after the final episode, the BBC announced that it would not return for a second season.  Balls!

Why does television hate me?  How can they keep beating the dead horse of “reality” television and continuously trash shows that involve some sort of creative expression?  I know the answer.  I just hate it.

Reality TV is cheap to produce and you don’t have to pay writers (except maybe copy writers).  Also, the vast and moronic mass of TV consumers actually watch that soul-destroying rubbish.  Now, I’m not saying that the dramatic TV series is the last bastion of fine art.  Not by any means.  But I want stories!  Damnit.  Stories are interwoven with our genetic and evolutionary constitution!  Why the neo-liberal TV executives feel the need to deny the roots of our fundamental humanity, I just don’t know.  Okay… maybe that was going a bit far.

Anyway, here’s a list of shows that I have enjoyed which got axed before their time:

1. Battlestar Galactica – the remake.

Apparently the Cylons had a plan.  Granted neither they nor the show’s writer knew what that plan was – but they had it nonetheless.  And, anyway, it’s not like Neighbours or Bold and the Beautiful or the Simpsons have any overarching story and they get to run for 20+ years.  At least Battlestar knew they were on their way out and could attempt to wrap up their many stories in the final 5 episodes.

2. Stargate Atlantis

Look, I know it’s not cool to like Stargate.  I accept that.  I defend myself by saying that Stargate SG-1 was absolutely abysmal.  It made me want to punch myself repeatedly in the face.  Stargate Atlantis, however, was pretty well written (and by that I mean the dialogue writers were quite good) and passably acted.  It made me laugh.  Sure, it was pulp nonsense, but it was entertaining.

And then it was killed by MGM.  Shame on you!

3. Stargate Universe

Yes, okay, I see the pattern emerging.  But that’s only because short-sighted TV execs (see: neo-liberal from my earlier paragraphs) only want to throw cash at established names.  And, sure, SGU started verrrryyyy slow but those of us that stuck with it found that it improved as the series progressed – at least until the end of the second season when it was stabbed in the back by the aforementioned TV execs.  Et tu brute?

4. Outcasts

8 episodes?! 8 EPISODES? Seriously.

5. Jericho

As a rule I’m not much of a fan of jingoistic American flag-waving patriotism, however, I really started to enjoy this show after the first three episodes.  Apparently I was the only one.  After one an a half seasons it went the way of the dodo.  So sad…

Anyway, the moral of this story is: STOP CANCELLING SHOWS I ENJOY WATCHING!  Yeah, it’s more of an imperative declaration than a moral but you get the point.


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One response to “Why does TV hate me?

  1. Transremaxculver

    July 2, 2011 at 10:20 PM

    I have a similar problem, though prehaps because I am British I prefer the shorter run format, 8 seems long to me. Just posted the following.


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