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12 Jun

Hi folks,

If you’ve read my blog much at all, you’ll know I’m a fan of B-grade horror and pretty much any incarnation of zombie flicks.  So, it’s rare that I will blog about a film that is worthy of (objective) merit.  Today is different.

I just finished watching The Tunnel, an Australian production by a production company called Enzo Media.  It’s you’re typical “found footage”, shaky camera, trapped-and-I-can’t-get-out type nail biter a la The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield and Lake Mungo.  Although a damn fine piece of film-making with some really solid acting and a good script it, unfortunately, doesn’t pack the same punch as Blair Witch or any of the particular cleverness of Lake Mungo.  However, (oddly) the quality of this film is not the reason why it should be commened (although it’s well worth your time to watch – don’t get me wrong!).  Rather, it should be commended for it’s forward thinking approach to funding and release.

You see, The Tunnel has been released under something that the producers are calling the 135K Project.  Essentially, you can download the film for free (and you should because it is quite a good film in its own right) and you can share the film via torrent, too.  All that the producers ask is that you choose to buy a frame (or a number of frames) of the film.  That’s right! They’re selling the film frame by frame ($1 a frame) to cover the costs of its release (and a portion of its production, too, probably).

I think this is an outstanding idea, personally.  More power to them.

So, watch the film and if you enjoy it, why not pay them what you’d usually spend at your local video store renting a film?  If you want to buy a frame just head to  As of my last visit, they’d only sold 46000 or so of their 135000 frames.  I say, support this kind of initiative – it’s a damn good idea and deserves to succeed.


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