Strange things I’ve read on IMDB.

06 Jun

DVD Cover of Return to the Planet of the Apes.

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Hi folks,

Okay, so I spend too much time on IMDB.  I can’t help it.  I DO care what other films Reggie Bannister has been in aside from Phantasm I, II, III and IV.  Aside from playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, there’s just no better way to waste your life on the interwebs.  Lately, I’ve found myself reading the discussions that people have about new release films and I’ve come to a realisation:  IMDB attracts more crazy people than Craigslist. Seriously crazy people.  Check out this little gem I ran across a couple of days ago.

(Found in a discussion about Rise of the Planet of the Apes)


Typical Hollyweird MSM propagandist schlock.

Show the ‘evils of intelligence’ and nobody will endorse genetics research. Which means that in a world where 115 IQ is the baseline for college and the world average is below 85 _in those areas with the highest population growth_, we don’t improve. Don’t become self-disciplining.  
Nature had 5 million years to get us to the point where man is smart enough to control his own evolution. To save himself from himself.  To avoid the Malthusian Disaster of resources to people disparity which lies like a gaping chasm so obviously at our feet.

And our elites are so eager to retain us as a stupid, ‘service economy’, wage slave population, that they will do ANYTHING to avoid having to answer the obvious ‘what next?’ question.

What happens when everyone has a 120 IQ and nobody wants to ‘serve’ others for a living? What happens when politicians can no longer lie effectively to us? What happens when the elites can no longer justify having so much, because they are smarter than us (SES to IQ correlation R=.72)?

This is just more of the same ol’ brain washing crap. Trying to anthropomorphize apes is just the way to filter the message past our BS filter by dividing the emo response between fear and pity.
Don’t be idiots and respond to it.
cginca replies

Owens. Bud. Seriously… relax, man.
Wow, just ease up.

wearewe replies

Cool story, bro

rjtuit replies

Someone missed the point of this movie. GJ for the wall of text showing that you can rant about anything. Maybe Never Say Never would be more your taste.

MrCharles replies

rjtuit, if you consider what owens wrote a “wall of text”, then you only add credence to his statements regarding the lack of intelligence in society. To then turn around and say he should watch Never Say Never not only doesn’t make sense, but also reveals your age. Not that being young is a bad thing, but you’d do well to actually consider the points he was making based on life experience rather than simply trying to sound cool by being sarcastic and insulting. That being said, I think it’s possible that owens is misinterpreting the intent of this film. It’s conceivable that it will actually deal with some of the very issues he brought up in an intelligent manner, perhaps even suggesting that there’s nothing wrong with genetic engineering, and instead it’s our fear of it that will be our undoing. I mean, I doubt it, but it’s hard to tell much of the overall moral from this trailer; all this is meant to do is to get people to go, “Oooo monkeys! Intrigue! Mayhem! James Franco! Hooray!”, and it appears to be working, so you can’t really blame them. I hope you’re wrong, owens, but I fear that, even if it’s not the intention of the makers of this film, your basic message rings true. And that’s sad/terrifying.

megalonmax replies

Or, you know, you could just enjoy the trailer and discuss movies with these fine folks, instead of wetting your pants because you think you’re the last smart person in the world.

rjtuit replies
It’s a prequel to the Planet of the Apes Series. This is what I meant by he missed the point of this movie in it’s entirety. He went off in a rant like it was an original idea. I believe the storyline is a *believeable* reasoning to what led to there being a planet ran by apes. I mentioned Never Say Never because he’s apparently only looking at the things at face value, shallow, and without reasoning or depth. He attacked a trailer. Really? You saw the cover of something and went of in a tangent. If any of it was applicable it wouldn’t of been considered a wall of text.
Ha. Ah, funny.  Even the second time you read it.  I particularly like megalonmax’s laconic response.

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4 responses to “Strange things I’ve read on IMDB.

  1. sonnywilkins

    June 7, 2011 at 4:54 AM

    By the way, wonderful site. I’ve added you to my blogroll dude.

    • iamfg

      June 7, 2011 at 3:13 PM

      Much thanks!

  2. sonnywilkins

    June 7, 2011 at 4:43 AM

    These comments are both hilarious and frightening. IMDB is soooo full of nutjobs. I can’t handle it. I too once roamed those streets, out of curiosity or happenstance or boredom, but have since retired my message board name in the search for sanity.

    • iamfg

      June 7, 2011 at 3:18 PM

      Yeah… sometimes you find yourself thinking “But, hey, I have an opinion on this outlandish topic and it REALLY matters!”. It’s about that point that you need to perform an internet self-intervention…


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