Random Beat From FG’s Hard Disk

17 May

Hello again people,

I’ll occasionally be posting random beats that I have sitting on my hard disk.  Listen to them all you like but respect my copyright and we’ll be just dandy.

This particular beat stems from an experimental session I had chopping up drums in Logic 9.  I find chopping samples easier and quicker on the MPC2000xl but I’ve transferred a lot of the skills I picked up while making this to other projects and other contexts.

The beat is pretty simple.  But has a dark vibe to it.  The synth part is an arpeggiated patch from the microKorg that I played while winding up/down the tempo knob.  The droney overdriven element is actually an organ instrument that comes with Logic which I’ve heavily effected.

Enjoy.  I’ll try to keep them coming.


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