State of the Human

15 May

What’s up people?

Just a bit of an update really…

I went down to The Bird ( last night to check out a show by some guys from The Community.  The line up was Soma, Arms in Motion, Cartoon Hell (Nick Sweepah and Ylem), Zeke and The Empty Cup.  All in all it was a good night with some nice hip hop and a good vibe.  The Bird is definitely the best small venue in Perth (which doesn’t say much, really, but trust me – it would be a kick ass venue in other cities too!).  For those that aren’t aware, The Community is a collective of artists and musicians in Perth – you can check out their site here –>

I’ve got a lot of time for The Community.  I like their ethic and their approach, plus they support artists who make the sort of hip hop music that I like.

On that note, I caught up with Nick Sweepah before and after his set.  I used to know him years ago when we both lived in Melbourne and we’ve worked together in the past.  He’s a cool guy.  Anyway, we decided to do a track together for the album (Making Space).  I’m pretty excited about that.  So excited in fact that I went rummaging through some old records and pieced together a beat for the track today.  It’s a bit more left-field than the other tracks on the album but should fit in tonally.  I’m about to send it through to him now, so hopefully he’s feeling it.

As for the show, all the sets were cool but if you get the chance you should definitely check out The Empty Cup when he’s got his live band backing him – it’s very good.  Three violins and a viola, a drummer and a bassist – plus he likes to have a bit of a freestyle on stage, too, which makes for an interesting show.  Well worth any entry fee that you pay.


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