Welcome, folks…

08 May

What’s happening, people?

Just a quick introduction for those that found their way here.  My name is FG, I’m a hip hop producer based in Perth, Australia, but originally from Melbourne.  I’ve been working on an album over the last year or so called “Making Space”.  It will drop soon, so this is just a bit of an attempt to get in touch with folks who might listen to it.  Hopefully they’ll also enjoy it.  Who knows?

I have produced the album myself using a combination of the following (in varying degrees): an MPC2000xl, which is a beast of a sampler; Logic 9 on an iMac, which is a bit of a (positive) shift away from the PC that I used to use; a microKorg, which has tiny keys but produces big synth sounds (or little ones, if you want); a Rocktron Banshee talkbox, for the occasional Roger Troutman-inspired session; a Stylophone, because who doesn’t like a musical toy? And… well, that’s probably it…  Random bits of bass guitar and found sounds and odd-glitchy things pop up here and there, too.

The album will feature three tracks from other producers, too.  Lenny Rudeberg and I are co-producing the beat for Jobs and Coffee.  The guy is a crazy producer, plus he’s playing the part of tracking engineer for the vocals on the album which is cool because that takes some time.  Gbox has also hit me up with the beat for a track called Dig.  And, lastly but not… err… leastly? put together a beat for a track called Holiday – or at least, that’s the name it has at the moment.  I’m still dwelling on the lyrics for Holiday – once I’ve settled on what I want to write about, then I’ll give it a name.

I’ve had some good luck so far in getting some excellent guest vocals and bits and pieces from talented emcees and musicians, too.  Wisdom2th, Gbox, Empty Cup and Annalise have all dropped, or will soon be dropping, verses.  Some one is going to sing on it too… not sure who yet.  Lenny Rudeberg has killed it on the saxaphone parts that we’ve recorded so far.  How can you go wrong?

Anyway, stay tuned and I’ll keep you in the loop.



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